First Fair Isle

This is the Fair Isle pulsewarmer so far:

Fair Isle front.

It's made using Dale of Norway Falk, a superwash DK weight yarn with a picture of a falcon on the label.  I think the grey is a little thicker than the blue.  Note the absence of gaping holes at the colour changes.

Fair Isle back.

This is the part I'm really proud of: the back.  I decided to weave in the floats as much as possible and the result is a really dense fabric.  My tension isn't abominable and it just needs blocking from the stocking stitch roll.  I've been stretching it out as I go to make sure the carried yarn isn't too tight and it's working.  I have two other designs to fit on from my chart, which will leave six grey ends to be dealt with and two blue ones.

There will be a teeny buttonhole on the fifth, fifteenth and twenty-fifth row, and I'm looking for some pretty silver buttons.  I'm finally doing Fair Isle.

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