Fiona (the bag) in progress

One ball of yarn is almost used up, and I have six Triple Crosses done.  I think this is going to work.  The stitches look decent, the bag is a little floppier than I was expecting, but it looks good.  There's one "deliberately accidental" mistake on it, and it's unlikely a non-knitter would find it.  You have to put these things in to prove it's not done by a machine, right?  If I do another, I'll use US size 6 needles to make the fabric firmer.

Fiona in progress.

This is a close-up of the triple cross stitch, with a coin as a size reference.  It's a one rupee coin, which is roughly the size of a US quarter and a UK ten pence piece.  I spent my reference quarter on Mountain Dew this morning.  Anyone know what the Canadian equivalent coin is?  There must be some international treaty on standard coin sizes.

Triple Cross stitch.

I'm planning to line my bag with something stiff, probably a canvas fabric.  If I'm nifty with the sewing machine (an antique, handle-powered Singer we picked up from a car boot sale at St Clements Mental Hospital in Ipswich, UK) I could do a patch pocket in the lining, and maybe try adding a zip.  Never made anything with a zip before.  The yarn keeps forming little balls of fuzz that come away on my shirt, I'm hoping this will stop after the first wash, which will be just before I line it.

While I'm on a bag kick, Nanette posted a photo of her beginner's colour knitting hat, which would make a cool bag as there's no shaping.  The pattern is going to be in her stranded colour knitting booklet, which I'm looking forward to getting.  There are two bags in the new Knitter's magazine,

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