Finished socks

Finished the cotton lace socks:

Cotton lace socks. I'm happy with these, it's my first try with a toe-up heel flap pattern that worked, first attempt at lace on a sock, first cotton socks I own, and made from formerly unloved sock yarn. Specifics are: size 1 needles, gauge of 9st/in, You're putting me on heel, Sherman toe, lace from Dublin Bay socks.
This is the lace panel, and I love it (please ignore the British tan). It was really simple lace but I messed it up alarmingly often. This does not bode well for all-over lace sock patterns, however pretty they look. But I think I'll keep the heel pattern, just need some more practice on picking up stitches. Lace panel.

There's enough yarn leftover to make at least one more sock, perhaps two.  I have a couple of scarves to work on now, the soy silk one (two balls down, one and a half to go), and a lace scarf made from hempathy that's not yet started.

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