Finally, some knitting

I'm planning to work on the hemp socks tomorrow as I'm off work.  I'll be using the size 2 dpns, even though it's supposed to be sport weight yarn and I do fingering weight on the size 2s.  I think the yarn is a little thin, next time I'll order worsted weight.  Anyone else used the DZined wool hemp and mohair blend yarn?  I'm using reinforcement thread around the heel and toe just in case.

DZined hemp blend yarn.

I love the colours I got, and if I ordered again I'd go for a red brown autumnal blend worsted weight like this gorgeous yarn or this one or this wool hemp one.  (Hubby, take note for Christmas, not much left of the first one!)  They're all hand dyed yarns.

My to do list is already long.  Got to write at least two thousand words for NaNo because I don't know if I'll be writing on Saturday.  If I can reach twenty five thousand words I get another treat, right now I have twenty two thousand.  The house must be decent for knitting group and there is no soda or milk in the fridge, or nibbles.  Penzey's offered us a free jar of pepper that needs to be collected.  Dad's scarf needs to be finished and air mailed to England.  The Leaning Tower of Laundry may have to wait.

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