Spinning FO: Corriedale and BFL

Started teaching Rox how to spin on my Ashford Kiwi wheel this week, and she did very well.  Beth is right, there is an obligation for spinning wheel owners to addict the next generation of spinners.  It's on a slip of paper in the box the wheel comes in.  And it's not that hard to do.  I'm just a beginner myself, but seeing someone else get it is magical.

This orange and green yarn is the first full skein I spun on the Kiwi, two ply pumpkin Corriedale pencil roving from Crown Mountain Farms.  It's uneven, the spinning is not well done, but it came out pretty.  There's plenty left to spin, well over half.  Mailed it to Sehlat, wonder what it'll become...

Pumpkin skein.

The red below is my second Kiwi-spun skein, Blue Faced Leicester from a vendor I'll not use again.  I don't like this roving at all, parts of it were matted and it's really hard to separate into usable chunks.  Not sure what to make with this yet, but it came out a bit more even than the Corriedale.  Clearly I need a lot more practice.  There is enough roving to make another skein and a bit, this is about 112 yards.  Once that's done I'll spin the Coopworth.  The truth of the spinning is in the plying, I was expecting this to be a lot better than it turned out.  It's better than the original Coopworth skein though.

Red skein.

Used a niddy noddy from Nancy's KnitKnacks to make the skeins.  It's a sturdy tool that lives flat-packed in its denim storage bag, with handles for one and two yard skeins.  All my spinning stuff lives in a plastic file box so a flat-pack niddy is perfect.

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