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BBC News: 10 ways to beat the blues?

Charities are calling for a nationwide campaign to help promote mental health after a survey suggested more people are growing anxious. But what sort of advice might be offered?  Blame a long winter, blame media fixations with bad news, blame the credit crunch and the thought of looming global depression - Britons are more fearful than they were 10 years ago, the Mental Health Foundation says. And more people are suffering from anxiety, which can lead to depression.

The list of things to cheer you up is:

  1. Lightboxes.  St Louis had some sunshine last week and it makes everything better.
  2. Get out in the garden. I hate yard work, but I do have a fledgling pot plant at work.
  3. Get yourself out of breath.  Karate group class an hour a week works for me.
  4. Cook a meal from scratch.  In our shiny brand new kitchen.
  5. Stroke a cat. This is mandatory in our house.
  6. Pat yourself on the back.  The article suggests encouraging self-talk to the mirror.
  7. Take up a lifetime hobby.  Like knitting or spinning.  Or programming and podcasting.
  8. Do something for someone else... for free.  Use your time, energy, and money for others.
  9. Seek intimacy.  Have friends, and spend time with them.
  10. Good things take time.

There is a nice set of comments on this article.

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