Exploring the dark side

I remember making a crocheted handkerchief case during Thursday craft afternoons at Broke Hall Primary school.  It used three strands of cobalt-blue yarn and I complained about it the whole time.  I have a vague memory it was double crochet.  It came out slightly lopsided but Mum sewed a nice blue glass button on it anyway and I never crocheted again.  Until now...

Picked up a crochet book from Knitty Couture, with a bamboo hook and some splitty orange yarn.  Crocheted a mangled lump in Star Clipper while Hubby was browsing the wares, and an unintentional triangle when I got home, the rows kept getting shorter.  I'm used to being good at yarn craft and my crochet stinks.  I haven't been this bad at something since I learned to knit when I was seven.

What I want to be able to do is the stuff from Creepy cute crochet, amigurumi zombies and robots and a Cthulu.  What I need to be able to do is a basic single crochet edging on this scarf:

Handspun scarf with handspun for trim.

That's a Lumiére Midi scarf made with handspun 3-ply Polwarth, with a 45yd skein of handspun 2-ply merino/bamboo for crochet trim on the two ends.  I'm now over halfway through the scarf and I don't want my edging to look bad.  Ideally I'll have a couple of rows of single crochet and a scallopped edge.  Right now  I'd be lucky to end up with something that doesn't look like the cat yacked it up on the carpet.

Regardless, I am loving my handspun to knit with.  The Polwarth yarn is next-to-soft and the look of the 3-ply is wonderful, even if the yarn is over-twisted.  The scarf will need vicious blocking to stop it curling up, and I'm considering running a ribbon through the eyelets on the sides.  It's a scarf for decoration, not warmth, which is a first for me.

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