Eternal sweater progress report IV

If you walk into a yarn store and say you're thinking of setting fire to a recalcitrant sweater, be prepared for some horrified gasps.  The sweater has a stay of execution, but I did wind the yarn for the next pair of socks and write over sixteen thousand words on a novel this week.  I also started the neck divide a clear ten rows early and had to rip it out three times after measuring against the back and sleeve.  Sirdar Country Style Aran circa 1994 stands up to ripping very well.  Gets a bit splitty on the third or fourth time out, but it's good yarn.

  • Nov 7th: first attempt at neck shaping
  • Nov 8th: ripped out neck shaping, 6 rows
  • Nov 9th: 4 rows, neck shaping
  • Nov 11th: rip out, four rows, finished the front!

I've discovered Etsy this week, my favourite stores are Twisted (self-patterning yarn) and Yarntini (variegated and self-striping yarn).  Twisted has some amazing colours (Lizardman and Chomp are fantastic), and I fell for the self-striping Appletini from Yarntini.  Both store owners are very nice about doing special orders if they don't have what you're

after.  The appletini is my reward for finishing the front, I should have the yarn in hand by the end of the month.

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