Eternal Sweater progress report III

(or: Oh no, not again!)

After Monday's rip out, I put in the armhole decreases and got back to work.  Measured front and back together, checked the sleeve will fit, and it didn't.  Not.  Even.  Close.  So I had to rip out a chunk of the back, re-calculate where the neck divide is on the front, rip that down, and now I'm back where I was on Monday, but I know it'll all fit now.  There should be no more surprises.

Have I mentioned that I'm not looking forward to picking up the stitches for the collar?  I made the Coronet hat and changed to a new sock heel so I'd have to practice picking up stitches and I still hate it.  Tips and tricks welcome, I don't want to mess this up after so long.

  • Oct 30: 12 rows
  • Oct 31: 8 rows
  • Nov 1: 12 rows
  • Nov 2: 8 rows
  • Nov 3: no rows, just surgery

The sweater will be at the St Louis NaNoWriMo write-in on Sunday (3-5pm at the Bread Co on South Central in Clayton), assuming I haven't set fire to it yet.  Or I might just ditch it for now and write.  Hubby's novel is off to a good start, and I'm roughing out an idea for a 2007 NaNo attempt.

Really cool seeing Hubby's Word Count Widgets turning up on websites and the NaNoWriMo forums.  This is the third year he's done them, and they're now officially hosted on the NaNoWriMo servers.  Word War and Region Word War are the latest features.  St Louis has challenged Detroit to a Word War and you can keep track of the teams here.

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