Eternal progress

The Eternal Sweater is finally restarted.  I've got one and a bit pattern repeats up the front so far:

Eternal Sweater front.

Finally got a decent shot of the cable pattern, a thirty six row by twenty six stitch panel, which has to be coordinated with a ten row repeated cable.  Ten does not go into thirty six however hard you push.

Eternal Sweater cable pattern.

That pattern around the cable is double moss stitch, matched with the cable panel.  The end result is lovely, the process is slower than stocking stitch.  If I'd done this in Fisherman's rib like I'd originally planned, he might have been wearing it five years ago, but I had an Aran fixation and not quite enough yarn.  This was way back before swatches were invented.   My mother never swatched.

This progress has been aided by my friend Anna, who threatened to unravel the whole thing if I didn't hit the tenth wedding anniversary deadline next August.  I've got to get this thing done!  The back and one sleeve are already finished.

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