Dying for some tea (part 2)

Before dying the yarn, I soaked it in cool water with a smidge of Eucalan.  I brewed tea for 30 minutes in a pyrex bowl with five plain black tea bags and boiling water.  If you were drinking this, it would be strong and bitter from the tannins.  The tea bowl went in the fridge to cool off after it was done brewing so the yarn went into cool tea.

Yarn in tea.

Hubby saw it in the tea bowl and thought it was something horrible.  It could look pretty gross if you didn't know it was just yarn and tea!  The yarn sat in its tea bath overnight to maximise the dye effect.  I'm expecting a slight tie-dye effect around the skein ties, and non-uniform colouring.  I could probably have used a bit more water to brew the tea.  I'm hoping it doesn't felt, but planning to re-skein it when it's dry.

Since the yarn wasn't bright white to start with, I'm hoping it will pick up more brown colour, ideally it would turn a rusty tan or dark beige.

Part 3 coming soon

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