There just happened to be this sock yarn in my knitting bag along with Eris, Mama Blue BFL semi-solid in Beekeeper, which reminds me of the inside of a Cadbury's Crunchie bar.  Plus my sock needle, and the yarn I use for provisional cast ons...

BFL (Blue Faced Leicester) sock yarn seems to be thinner than regular sock yarn, Wooly Wonka Fibers BFL and Lovesticks BFL are similar thickness to the Mama Blue.  I highly recommend the Wooly Wonka Fibers BFL, used it for my Boudica socks and it is hard wearing, soft, and beautifully dyed.  This is my new sock, reclining on Eris:

Eris and a sock.

Used a US0 needle and got 10st/in, which looks good, and a new-to-me technique, Wendy's Easy Toe.  The pattern will be two panels on the sides, a horizontal braid on the cuff, and a rolled top.  It feels weird using a US0 needle after weeks with a US8.  It's not eight times smaller but it feels like it.

Eris is not abandoned, I just need a measurement check before starting the waist shaping.  I will wear Eris this autumn, come hell (a St Louis 100% humidity 38C/100F summer), high water (Mississippi river flooding), X-Com Apocalypse (I'm getting to the good part), and row gauge issues (2 extra skeins of yarn should be enough, right?).  After Eris, I'm thinking about another sock yarn shawl, but a semi-circular, Faroese, or rectangular one, probably in dark red.  Any pattern suggestions?

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