Made an astonishing discovery this week: spinning when I get a little spare time makes it go a lot faster than saving it up for bi-monthly sessions.  I started the project that's been taking up all the space in my fibre box, 8oz of Crown Mountain Farms superwash merino spinning my own Sock Hop yarn.  It's more fun than stalking the website for the next batch for sale.  The colour is Wild Thing, the pencil roving drafts really easily and the colours are beautiful.  Who says you can't spin thin on a Louet wheel?

Wild Thing on the bobbin.

While Hubby is working on his Script Frenzy screenplay (which is looking great, go read the story so far), I'm working on my second short story, a science fiction murder mystery.  Stories go way better with a bad guy in, this one was totally stalled before I got my bad guy.  Got some decent work done at the script write-in on Sunday, and we'll be there again this week (Clayton Bread Co, 2-4pm).

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