Ding dong, the witch is (half) dead!

She's definitely poorly and not going to recover.  The witch in question is my monster spinning project, 8oz of superwash merino to be spun as two ply sock yarn.  Decided to put 3oz on each bobbin, which means I am just over half done now.  It's probably going to come out as sport weight, maybe a bit thinner.  My Louet S10 has 6oz bobbins, it should be enough to make a pair of socks.  Socks knit from yarn I spun myself sound very nice but it feels like I've been spinning this stuff forever!

I also want some spinning time with this beauty:

Turkish spindle and silk hankie.

This is a Jenkins Turkish spindle with Carob wood cross bars.  Purchased from Spunky Eclectic, it came with a blob of fibre and a lifetime guarantee on the shaft.  It's sitting on an Opal colour silk hankie from Crown Mountain Farms.  I love spinning silk hankies.  I have a small cloth in my handbag for cleaning my glasses made from yarn I spindle-spun from my first silk hankie.  It's uneven yarn but it's shiny and soft and there's something special about stuff made from your own handspun.

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