Almost got the Calendar Panel for Chronicle finished.  Completed two tests today, all that's left is making sure the day numbers line up with the correct day, and the event generation stuff.  I think I'm starting to like testing the code first.  There's real satisfaction in seeing "Test Failed!" because the test is looking for something you haven't even written yet, then making the test pass.

Heaven help me, I have a second blog, the Chronicle DevBlog, currently maintained with Hubby's Chronicle Lite Blogger client.  When I get that far, I'll incorporate the RSS generator from Lite into Chronicle.  That's something I've not seen on any other standalone blog management systems, and definitely not on a Blogger client.

Code either works or it doesn't.  Nothing fuzzy or grey about it, just binary pass/fail.  My mood doesn't affect it, the weather, the spec of my laptop, whether the cat on my lap is purring or not, whether the other cat just sat on the keyboard and wrote a page of scribble, all irrelevant.  I like that precision.

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