Delurking Day Contest

Today is Delurking Day, please leave a comment so I know you've been by, even if it's not today anymore, and especially if you've never commented before.  Pretty please!  This blog has had about 490 comments since I switched to WordPress in November 2004, and I have a prize for whoever makes the 500th comment.  If you're a knitter, I'll send you two balls of Rowan Felted Tweed in ginger (colour 154 on the webpage), if you're not a knitter, I'll give you a $10 Amazon gift certificate.  So comment already (but just once each)!  Everyone can play!

(If you haven't commented before it'll get stuck in moderation, but comments are time-stamped, so they'll all be seen in the right order.  It just won't show up till I get home.)


And the 500th comment, according to my nifty bit of SQL, was made by... Rachel!  Congratulations, I'm guessing you'll want the yarn!  Thanks to everyone that commented, it's nice to see who's out there.  And keep commenting!

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