Dealing with stress

BBC News: IT stresses 'driving UK to drink'.  Interesting article, but it's about stress in general, not IT woes.  What caught my eye was this list:

DPP's Tips For Dealing With Stress
  1. Live a healthy lifestyle
  2. Don't take too much on
  3. Decide what causes you stress and change it
  4. Avoid unnecessary conflict
  5. Manage your time better
  6. Practice saying "no" without feeling guilty
  7. Take time out to "recharge your batteries"
  8. Talk about problems so they do not get out of proportion
  9. Make time to see friends
  10. Do not use alcohol, nicotine, or caffeine to cope with stress

DPP is a UK charity, Developing Patient Partnerships.  They polled a thousand people to find out causes of stress.  It's a good list, managing my time by getting an organiser and actually using it was a huge relief.

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