Custard Creams for the win!

BBC News: The strange appeal of the custard cream.

The custard cream is the nation's favourite biscuit, suggests a survey. So why has it endured so long?  They don't make them like they used to, it seems.  The old-fashioned custard cream biscuit has annihilated its newer, more fancy rivals in a survey.  Nine out of 10 people named the custard cream as their favourite biscuit, in a poll of 7,000 people. The result even prompted surprise from Trufree, which hosted the survey, and said despite there being "so much to choose from on the market, it seems people still plump for a no-nonsense nibble".

Custard Creams are one of Hubby's favourite biscuits.  I was disappointed to hear the Abbey Crunch is no more, I really liked those.  We had a brown and orange airtight biscuit barrel when I was growing up, and it was filled with Digestives, Hob Nobs, Abbey Crunch, Bourbons, and Custard Creams.

The article also contained a link to the blog Nice cup of tea and a sit down, which contains biscuit reviews.

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