Creative outreach

The women's creative outlet thing last night was going OK, there was quiet worship music playing in the background, and people were chatting quietly.  There was a table of people working on scrapbooks, a table of people using stamps to make cards, and me with my pile of beading stuff next to the scrapbook people, wondering why scrapbooks had to be so complicated.  Then someone put in a 70s disco CD and turned up the volume.  People started laughing, wandering from table to table to see what everyone else was doing, trying new things, snacking on the amazing amount of food that people brought, meeting new people, and it was a blast.  Finally left there at about 10:30pm, after completing one necklace and two cards.  No big serious church stuff, it was just the women getting together to hang out and have fun.

Last night was the kind of thing I could bring my boss to, or the lovely and patient woman whose desk I have been installed at in work.  This is the opposite of what Bum Kim called "hernia evangelism."  It's hard to maintain the image of church women as serious and boring when they're singing along and bopping as they stamp and munching on brownies.  Harder still when that group includes the assistant pastor's wife, and a bunch of homegroup leaders.  Church doesn't have to be boring to be true.

(Update 23 Sept: Apparently I left early and others didn't leave until midnight or later.  Must have been having fun or something.)

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