In an ideal world, we wouldn't need copyright or disclaimers.  We don't live in an ideal world.

Someone stole several pages off one of my websites once and put them on his site, claiming they were his.  I see what he did as theft, and he had the gall to deny he'd stolen my work, even though it was a word perfect copy.

I was not amused.  My work is my own, no-one else's.

Any and all work that I produce is mine.  I thought it up, I typed it, uploaded it and occasionally even spell-checked it.  "Mine" is legally defined as "Not Yours."  That should be clear enough to everyone.

If it's not yours, you can't claim it is, copy it, publish it in any way, shape or form as your own, even after doing a spell-check and changing a couple of words.

You can't publish it and say it's mine either, unless I say so.  And I haven't said so.  Nor will I in future.

Copying stuff from any of my websites will take you off my Christmas card list for life, as well as get me extremely annoyed, which I'm assured is a Bad Thing ®.

To find out more about copyright, read these web sites:

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