Dave announced the "Women's Scrapping Night" in church today.  Actually it's a scrap-booking, stamping, and creative outlet thing, but scrapping is better than stomping, which it got called last time.  And I'm going to go, to be social, and to say "I hate scrap-booking, but I'm here anyway."  We had one of the church's "almost spontaneous picnics" today, where it's announced a week in advance, with a set start time.  It worked pretty well.

The sermon today was about connecting, and relationships with God, with other Christians, and with the rest of the world.  It's the last three I have some problems with.  You can't be part of a church with the word community in the name and try to hide from everyone.  Sooner or later they chase you down.  That's a good thing, thanks guys.

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