I've got a cold, so I'm wearing my comfort socks to work.  They're deep purple sport weight wool (Magic Garden Buttons), my first toe-up pair, and wearing them makes me feel better.  It's like a hug for my feet.  Also broke out the London Herb and Spice Company Raspberry Rendezvous tea.  It's the only herbal tea I've found that doesn't smell and taste like old grass.

Finished the MIL socks on Tuesday lunchtime.  I think they turned out well.  17 days start to finish, two socks down, six to go.

Mother-in-law socks.

Yarn: KnitPicks Sock Landscape in New England Foliage.

Needles: 40 inch size 1 Addi Turbo.

Gauge: 9 st per inch.

Pattern: Sherman sock, with my own rib pattern.

I have trouble taking pictures of socks.  Is there a standard sock-modeling pose?  Something balletic, perhaps a yoga position?  Or do you just get a cushion, tell the socks to "lie back and think of England" and hope for the best?  They look frilly around the top from the extra stitches I added to the cast off row, but not when you're wearing them.  I had one incident of a cast off so tight I couldn't get the socks on, now I use a needle two sizes larger, make it deliberately loose, and add an extra stitch for every fourth one cast off.  My yarn tension makes violin strings look limp, but I haven't had a pair of socks wear out in the two years I've been making them.

Between the FIL socks (started Wednesday) and Hubby's socks, I'm going to take a break and make the Bittersweet Mittens. Worsted weight yarn, big needles (size 5 feels big for me), and my first pair of mittens to look forward to.  We're having a cold snap so I'm wearing the Morehouse Merino bow knot scarf from the same yarn.  Snow on the ground, ice on the car, this is wool weather.

The unloved sock yarn I sent out arrived on Wednesday at The Wool Palace in England, and Mary likes the yarn!  I'm happy it's gone to a good home.

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