Coding thoughts

Wrote something yesterday that turned into an essay in the Thoughts section of the site, called Code Conventions.  I was thinking about code as a conversation between two or more developers separated by space and/or time.  My code is written so I can pick it up in 6 months time and be able to figure out what I was doing, because I've had to decipher someone else's code in a program aptly named Erratic.  Erratic was nasty looping code, undocumented, uncommented, originally written in FORTRAN 4, upgraded to FORTRAN 77.  I documented it and commented it.  I don't want someone to be thinking about me the way I was thinking about Erratic's author X months down the line, hence my current coding style which includes lots of comments and carefully chosen variable, method, and function names.  You can get a look at my Java code on the Chronicle project.

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