Circle Line flashbacks

It would be really nice if a Chronicle macro could insert HTML tags, especially paragraph, bold, italic, image and link tags.  Those are all the ones I'd use regularly.  Definitely the image tag, because a chap called Steve MacLaughlin made this blogsticker, which I love.

I remember walking around London until my feet hurt, stopping off at Jack Horner's pub of Tottenham Court Road for dinner, plunging back down into the bowels of the London Underground, and at every stop, hearing a cultured male voice intone "Mind the gap."  Walking from the far end of Regent Street, past Harley Street, through Soho, across Leicester Square, past Covent Garden, along Oxford Street, down Tottenham Court Road and back to Waterloo Station is a lot of walking.  I wish the place in Liverpool Street station that did Black Forest doughnuts had an export business.  I wish I knew where that pigeon was going, the one I saw get on one stop past Liverpool Street station on the Circle Line and get off two stops later, and how often it travelled on the tube.

On the London Underground, no matter how far down you go, there always seems to be a station or line running another level below.  Even at the double depth stations.  How far down is the water table in London anyway?

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