Christmas comes early

Hubby loves me!  We did Christmas on Saturday since we're flying this week, and he gave me wonderful presents including the Lego Star Wars XBox game!  I love that game, it is the best thing on any console or computer, and I don't care that I'm not much good at it, it's so much fun!  You explode in a shower of Lego pieces when your character dies, and can play through the first three episodes, and kill Jar Jar Binks as many times as you like!

He also gave me an awesome knitting bag with wooden handles (to replace, and I quote, "that ratty tote bag" I usually use on knitting mornings).  I have been known to wrap Christmas present in brown paper but this just took the biscuit:  A (clean and unused) yard waste sack, stuck with packing tape.  My new knitting bag was inside that.  In his defense, everything else was wrapped in Christmas paper, and I had just swiped both rolls to wrap his stuff.

I finished the Tiger socks a week ago.  I wanted them to be a surprise for Rox so I didn't say anything about it here.  Happily the person I gave Faina's Scarf to doesn't read this, or the person who got the Prairie Shawl. There's something special about seeing someone wearing something I knit for them.

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