I have my car back!  It spend a week in the body shop getting the passenger side tended to (ripped off, hammered out, repainted, and some parts replaced) after a minor prang.  I missed it terribly.  It's my baby car, the first new car we ever bought, the only one we bought from abroad, a lovely green monster that goes faster when you put your foot down.  That is what any car should do, but after owning a 1989 Rover Metro with the old A plus series engine that does this weird choke-and-slow-down thing on cold damp mornings, it's a blessing.  Guildford did cold damp mornings a lot, with the river Wey going through the town, a big lake on the university campus and another on the Research Park.  Fog generators, all three of them.  The Metro would slow to a crawl and you couldn't do anything about it for a few seconds but pray the guy behind doesn't hit you and prepare to slam it down a gear to get back up to speed.  Having a car that goes faster when you ask it to is amazingly wonderful and it's all shiny now.  They even vacuumed the inside, which is almost worth the whole prang by itself.  Hubby and I car-pooled for a week and a bit, and I'm going to miss that tomorrow, but my baby is back home!.

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