Catch up

It's been a busy month.


Did a little work on my Eris cardigan, but still haven't figured out how the back gets cast off.  It has to go sometime and I can't find it in the directions, which worries me.  I don't want to wear a cardigan with live stitches hanging out, it would be like leaving the hospital with loops of intestine swinging in the breeze.  Craving a pair of green BFL socks, Lovesticks BFL in Little Green Men but not till I get something off the needles.  Almost finished the Vintage Velvet scarf from Muench Touch Me yarn, though felting will be a laundromat job.  Love the drape and shinyness of the yarn, and I'm on the fifth and final ball of it.  There's a small stack of the cardboard tubes it was wound around on my desk, like empty beer bottles. Love that it has a reversible cable:

Vintage Velvet scarf

Spinning and fibre

Spun some more Polwarth, organised the fibre stash, and swooned at Rox's pictures of the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival 2009, especially her new Ashford Traditional wheel.  Happy spinning Rox!  Also needle-felted a pincushion from merino roving with two pompom balls in the middle, that went to Ruth's mother.  I'm hoping she can help me put the zipper in Eris.  Might teach Irene how to needle felt.

Rest of everything

Huge spring cleaning effort, entire house contents evaluated, even the stuff that fell down behind the dresser.  Cathartic to get rid of some stuff, wonderful to find that which was lost, freaky that there's so much extraneous stuff.  Loving the karate sparring, though I'm not allowed to spar anyone but my instructor for now.  St Louis has been rainy and grey for months and I want my blistering sunshine back, I'll even take the humidity.  Last year we had record-breaking amounts of rain, this year feels just as bad.  Roll on August...

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