Cat talk

I'm a bad cat-parent.  We've been neglecting the little ones of late and I feel guilty.  Life interrupted, and Tangle hasn't fared so well.  He's licked a bald patch on his front leg so I'm trying the leash training again, devoting more time to cat play, and getting up early to play "chase the sparkly thing," their favourite game.  Quantum even returns the sparkly thing for another throw.  Also pondering one of those cylindrical cat cave things you see in pet stores.  He loves to hide in dark spaces.

Tangle is not as well adjusted as Quantum.  She got the benefits of plenty of kitten time with Mother Cat, was bought by couple, who then drove over her tail, rejected her, and she came to live with us, sans tail.  Tangle was abandoned in a barn as a wee kitten along with the rest of the litter, and it shows.  He needed more time with Mother Cat, whom I fervently hope got spayed after that litter.  He hates the sound of plastic bags, panics at the mere thought of a collar, let alone a harness and leash, never learned tail etiquette, and can't eat or drink tidily and quietly.  I didn't have enough training time with him as I did with Quantum and the sofa is suffering.  He's in need of some serious playtime.

(Note to self:  when cat lies down and pants, totally ignoring the toys, he's had enough for now.)

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