Cardinal Sins of Blogging

It's been a while since I created my list of the Cardinal Sins of Web Design, high time for a new list: the Cardinal Sins of Blogging.  These are the content sins, for the design sins, you'll have to go read the full list.  For the irony-impaired, this list is what I call caustic humour.  If anyone refers to it as Brit wit I'll just have to kill you.

Cardinal Sins of Blogging (content sins only)

  1. Debating the difference between "weblog" and "journal"
    (no-one cares.  Really, no-one in their right mind cares.)
  2. Passive-aggressive blogging or insulting someone by making veiled references in your blog.  Childish, stupid and boring, please GROW UP!
  3. Excruciating detail about your sex life, recent surgery, gruesome illness, messy divorce, vomiting pets,  etc.
    (please, make it stop!)
  4. Obsessing about your hitcount/Ecosystem rank/Google position
    (talking about web site stats is so yawnworthy I think I need a nap to recover.)
  5. Not attributing your sources
    (sources like to be linked to, it's the polite thing to do.)
  6. Linking to your own blog multiple times
    (Come on, FIVE links to yourself is excessive.  Two is excessive.  Get over it!)
  7. Excessive use of the word "like"
    (like, there are other, like words you could like, you know, use.  Buy a thesaurus and a grammar book immediately.)
  8. Blogrolls with over 120 links in
    (we know you don't read them all.  Stick to ones you do read.)
  9. Posts without titles
    (You can fake it even if it's not supported, use <br /><p> <b> Title goes here </b> </p>)
  10. Overuse of exclamation marks, or missing punctuation
    (if it's easy to read, people come back.  Proper capitalisation makes it easier to read, and one exclamation mark is enough.)

Please email me if I've left anything out.  The list will be archived here for posterity.

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