Caffeine dreams

I realise that having a domain name is incompatible with  saying I've given up caffeine, but there you go, I have.  For Lent initially, but surprise, surprise, I'm suddenly sleeping a whole lot better, so the caffeine won't be coming back.  (Caffeine found in chocolate doesn't count.)

Computing is infested with caffeine.  The virus Code Red was named after what the virus fighters were drinking as they worked on a solution.  Jolt and  Mountain Dew are coding staples.  Java the programming language was originally named Oak.  ThinkGeek has a whole section devoted to caffeine.

Most people are addicted to caffeine in some way.  Who doesn't get the caffeine headache after a day on the wagon?  It's in headache and migraine pills.  It's in orange soda.  It's odd to sell a "decaffeinated" version of Mountain Dew, they just left the stuff out of the mix to start with.  You can even get decaffeinated Penguin Mints now.

If anyone can explain why orange soda requires caffeine, please leave a comment.  In the meantime, pass the caffeine-free Rooibos and the Celestial Seasonings English Toffee tea.

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