Bullet points

Spun, plied, and washed my mini-skein on Tuesday, it's dry now. George was not as easy to spin as the Coopworth, but the dyed fibre was nice.  It's a lot less even than my wheel-spun, but it's not as thick as my last spindle effort.  The Coopworth skein is dry though the yarn is still wavy in places.  I'm wondering how it will knit up.  Next spinning project is to ply the rest of the wheel-spun Coopworth and figure out what to make with it.  And teach Rox how to spin on a spindle.

Transferred the Christian Depression Pages website off Gospelcom last week.  If you have linked to the old Gospelcom URL (http://cdp.gospelcom.net/) please change your links to use the domain instead (http://www.christian-depression.org/).  The site remains one of the oldest mental health sites for Christians (founded 1996), and the only one with an Icelandic translation.

Finished the toe on Hubby's second sock and started up the foot.  I have a long way to go.  Next project after this is the Matthew lace seaman's scarf from Stahman's Shawls and Scarves in Desert Sand hempathy yarn, and something with my handspun Coopworth (scarf probably).  Then another pair of socks.  I don't like my sock needle to stay empty too long, it gets lonely.

This is as political as I'll ever get on this blog.  I'm tired of hearing about concessions for illegal immigrants.  Immigration can be done legally.  Rewarding someone for breaking the law is insulting to everyone who kept the law.  I don't have a solution, but can people please consider us legal immigrants too?

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