I have a theory that in every couple, there is one person who is seldom bitten by insects, and one who may as well be walking around with a neon sign saying "Bug buffet, all you can eat, free!  Bring a friend!" floating above their head.  I currently have seven bug bites on one foot from working in the garden for a couple of hours on Sunday.  I get bitten, Hubby does not.  Larry gets bitten, Sarah does not.  If there is anyone who knows why, please tell me!  And bug spray doesn't work.  I think the little pests see it as a personal challenge.  If there is any proof we are living in a fallen world, it is nasty crawly things that bite, sting, or otherwise irritate, like the cricket I stepped on in the kitchen, with bare feet.  Just thinking about that crackly crunch and the trail of orange guts hanging out of it afterward makes me shiver.

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