Boudica socks and a Turkish spindle

Started the first Boudica sock, ripped it out and restarted, having figured out the correct way to do the increases.  I've never done a sock by starting with a flap and picking up stitches before.  It was tempting to just rip it out and do a Sherman toe like usual, but new techniques do not get learned by avoiding them.  Also on the learning curve, I haven't used dpns since mid 2005 when I did my first pair of Magic Loop socks, and I've never used size 0 needles!  Between the dpns and the braid, I'm a lot slower than usual (roughly 18 st/min).

Boudica sock and Turkish spindle.

Took my Turkish spindle for a whirl, and I love it!  Used the lovely orange mystery wool that came with it, and it's still spinning when the single needs winding on.  The "under one, over two" winding looks very cool.  It is perfectly balanced and well constructed.  I'd probably put it in a hard case to travel, the shaft looks delicate.  But it does have a lifetime guarantee.  This is my new favourite spindle.

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