Blogger alternatives

Sounds like Blogger is having Java exceptions again.  Not than I'm using it, but Olof is and she can't post to her blogs.

The best alternative I could find is WebCrimson, the only snag I can see is they don't mention importing old entries from Blogger.  Other than that it looks pretty good.  It's a web based blog system, you can FTP to your own site, there's support for multiple users and multiple blogs, moderated content, and I like the name.

pMachine can import from Greymatter and Movable Type, but requires PHP/MySQL, a fairly common combination on web servers.  pMachine has a stackload of nifty features, including RSS syndication, calendars, "curse word censoring," and probably comments built in.  Groksoup looks worthy of investigation too.  I was only looking at free systems here.

Movable Type is worth trying too, because of the calendar, but that requires Perl and CGI access, plus some kind of database.

I'm still writing my alternative.  Hubby might hack it to do Blogger API updates too.

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