Blog Genealogy

This is a family tree I'm actually interested in.  Whose blog inspired whose, links between blogs, wonderful stuff.  Check my pedigree:

This blog started in January 10th 2002, during the first week of an HTML class I was teaching online.

OK, so I've just started with Blogger. Maybe my HTML students would like this thing. No archives, no search, no nothing. Just one little entry.

It kind of went downhill from there, but seven months is a decent amount of time to have been blogging.  It's been through five different names, two different servers, buying our first house, birthdays, visits from friends in the UK and Iceland, some stressful times with the CDP, some good times, and a wedding anniversary.  More good than bad.

Interesting set of sibling blogs I have, some of them I even know.  The rest I have yet to get acquainted with.  Question is, did I inspire anyone to blog?  Do I have a secret blogchild?  Own up!

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