Back in business

Knitting morning will be back at Borders cafe on Brentwood next month, and every second Saturday.  There is now a functional cafe with plenty of space for us.  If you're in St Louis, female, and a knitter or crocheter, come and join us July 8th at 10am-12pm.  I'll be on the couch in the corner with something caffeinated.

When I said I couldn't duplicate the toe of that sock if I tried, I didn't say I wouldn't try.  Draped the futon, Hubby, and one cat in yards of yarn trying to figure out what colour was supposed to come next, rewound the second ball (which had been wound backwards), and hacked out a chunk at the start.  Crazy Toe Mark II is about a half inch off from the other sock.  Finally got the Karaoke scarf out of the blue section and finished the first ball, which made 15 inches of scarf.  I want to use up some of the yarn I bought for projects, so next up will be socks in Opal Owl, and the lace Hempathy scarf.  I'm looking forward to the Opal Toucan coming out in autumn.

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