Back home!

Did you miss me?  :-)

We had a great time in England!  Got back to St Louis late last night, the house was still standing, and the cats were pleased to see us after the initial shock of "who are you and why are you in my house?"  Huge thanks to the in-laws, Plaid Dragon and Mr Bristow for letting us stay at their respective houses, it was fantastic to see you all!  Also fantastic was meeting my two nephews for the first time when we visited my big sister.

Found all the foods on my list, and bought the stuff you can't get in the US (Vanessa Mae's Choreography CD is excellent, and we have enough Big Finish Audio CDs for several long trips).  Almost finished the Harvest Moon socks, and got yarn for the increasingly inaccurately named Leftovers blanket, one ball of maroon (my old school uniform colour) and one ball of navy (my sister's old school uniform colour).

Pictures to come soon.   I have jetlag.

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