Back from MOPACA part 2

Saturday morning started off grey and the snow predictions for Kansas City were revised down to less than 12 inches.  It started sleeting in the late morning and people were getting worried.  We were up at 5am and hit Starbucks on our way.  There was poop to clean up when we got to the stall, and Sonic had poop nuggets stuck to his side.  They brushed off easily.  These guys were in one of the stalls in front of us, one of them looked like a white that got dipped in chocolate up to the neck.

Huacaya neighbours.

We spent most of the day waiting to show Storm with the other juvenile brown Suri males.  Judging was very slow, they started with black animals, working through brown and fawn towards white and finishing late Sunday with grey and indeterminate colours.  By 8pm Saturday, they'd finished the brown class.  We would have to wait until Sunday afternoon to show Sonic.  I did some shopping, knitted on a sock while minding the store, chatted to passers by and browsed the other animals.  At the end of the day, we went out into this:

Snow on the way home.

Sleet had turned to snow, then heavy snow.  We left the arena at 5pm and headed back to the hotel.  Road conditions were reasonable until we got to the hotel exit, and everything went white.  We cruised past the hotel exit looking for a place to eat, but it was too snowy.  The van slithered back to the hotel on back roads and just about made it into a parking spot.  We ate in the hotel restaurant, our server ended up spending the night in the hotel, unable to get home.  It looked like at least four inches of snow fell, plus several hours of sleet.

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