Autumn Knitty

The autumn Knitty is out!  It was up, it went down, it got back up again...

First, the patterns.  Waves of Grain is a beaded lace scarf pattern that might be perfect for my Wollmeise.  Anne Shirley is nice, but for some other yarn.  The 1840 Nightcap would be a good baby hat, but I think it would have to be for a girl with that lace border.  Retrofit looks interesting but I must finish Eris first!  Must measure Eris, then finish knitting it.

There are some interesting sock patterns: Baroque looks like a good scary challenge, Interlocking Leaves and Hourglass would be good lace for an almost-solid yarn.

Finally a new KnittySpin column, this one on Bamboo.  I've tried and failed to spin my carbonized bamboo but I want to try again now.  There's also a review of the Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel.  My dream wheel is the Majacraft Rose, but it would be foolish to buy one unless I've tried it, and the nearest one is hours drive away, or at a fibre festival in another state.

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