Armwarmers and cat

I promised Fluid Pudding a picture of the Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers, so here they are in their unfinished glory:

Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers.

That little stub on the side is the embryonic thumb.  I'm not done with the main part of the gauntlet (sounds better to me than armwarmer or topless mitten) so the stitches are stuck on a piece of cotton until I get back to them.

Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers close up.

Close up of the vine pattern.  The chart is really easy once you've done one leaf.

Leftover Kureyon 88.

I was hoping the gauntlet would be long enough to use this lovely purple.  No such luck, I'm barely into the light green.  I'm seriously thinking about doing the other gauntlet starting with the purple and hauling the end from the middle of the ball.  Fraternal twins would at least help remind me which one is left and which is right.

While I was taking the pictures, Quantum the cat came to see me.  I wasn't fast enough to snap her while she was balanced on the top of the chair back, but I did manage to get this:

Cat dangling on the back of a chair.

She fell off the top and did an undignified few moments of swinging around on the chair back like a monkey.  I swear, she did this to herself, I didn't push her off.  Have a good weekend!

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