An almost FO and a dilemma

Finished knitting the Bittersweet mittens, now comes the hard part: putting the decoration on.  The pattern came with directions for chain stitch embroidery, I used to be good at this.  There is a definite left and right mitten, which had to be marked.  It snowed yesterday, so it is still mitten weather.

Almost completed mittens.

This leaves me temporarily devoid of portable knitting.  The Desert Sand hempathy yarn was ordered for my lace scarf, but it hasn't arrived yet.  I could start the fourth leftovers blanket strip of seven, or the third pair of socks this year.  I've still got the Eternal Sweater to finish but a sweater front isn't portable.  What would you do?  Wait till the yarn comes in for the lace scarf, diligently finishing the mittens in the meantime?  Or toss the mittens aside, recklessly start a new project, and then cast on for the lace scarf the moment the yarn arrives?

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