This could become a habit very quickly, and unlike smoking, there are no patch things to stick on your arm to wean you off.  There must be some major servers and bandwidth behind this.

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My first Blogger bug!  The fix of logging out and back in again didn't work, I suppose you have to leave it a bit longer.  Hopefully it's fixed now.  Bah!  Humbug!

Anna got lost yesterday.  I'm sure I gave her the right directions, even the lefts and rights were OK because I had my ring on, but she ended up going south on 270, not north.  Poor lass, she phoned me from a pay phone and rescheduled for today.

Horrible occurrence: Nathaneal and I applied to the same company for the same job.  We both have good experience for it.  I think both of us would feel bad if we got it and the other didn't, and the likelihood of them hiring us both is slim to non-existent.  *sigh*

Gotta go!  Stuff to do, countries to rule, you know the routine...

Woohoo!  The Blogger bug is fixed!  I'm on my third change of name for this blog now.  First it was "Inside my skull," which sounds a bit gruesome, then it was "Talking to myself," which was WAY to obvious a title, now it's "Mindscapes." We'll see how long this one lasts.  And it's only my second day with this blog too.

Quote of the day

Blogger:  More fun than balancing your bank account!

Nod, smile politely, and back away from the computer screen.  I met Anna for lunch, I think happy wired-ness is infectious.  Pretty sure I haven't had caffeine today, does orange juice do that to people?

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