Sock 3 of 8

I finished this tonight:

Father-in-law socks.

It's the first sock for my father-in-law, made in KnitPicks Sock Landscape in Yukon.  The yarn thickness is a little more inconsistent than the New England Foliage, and it's odd how the light blue stays on one side of the sock.  The light blue was travelling around the sock and it stopped dead when I hit the cuff.  Got the same gauge on both colours, 9st per inch.  It's soft and warm (I tried it on) and way too big for me.  If I finish it today, it will be six days start to finish for one sock, matching my all-time speed record.

I'm torn between Cascade Spindle's Little Si, and Greensleeves Spindle's Barebones with a contrasting Butchers Crown to protect the hook.  What to do?  I'm going to be putting in some overtime at work and I'm tempted by the Greensleeves spindle.  Does anyone have one of those?  Is it worth getting the Butcher's Crown?

My birthday is in just under three weeks, and I have the day off work.  I'll be going up to Myer's House yarn store and asking spinning questions, and reading spinning books.  I love taking off for my birthday.  Hubby has a massage booked for me at the spa that morning, can't wait!

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