2015 resolutions

There are three resolutions I want to stick to for 2015:

  1. I will not stab anyone in 2015 (for another year...)
  2. Get my first degree brown belt in karate.
  3. Write daily in my new Five Year Diary (my second five years of daily journalling)

I'm about to finish my first Five Year Diary. It's strange to read those five lines a day and remember a day multiple years ago, but good. One of my Christmas presents was a new journal, the original was a birthday gift five years ago.

There's a few habits I want to install for the next year too. I'm trying to add a morning yoga routine in the 30 minutes with my light box each morning. After a few yoga lessons and some 6am classes, I like the results in terms of flexibility, balance, and calmness of mood.

I started tracking my mood twice a day as an experiment to see what bothers me and makes me happy, I have 14 weeks of data so far. My scale is one to ten, where ten is the best day ever, five is neutral, and one is a dangerous place to be. I've seen some eights and twos, one ten. No ones yet.

Roll on 2015, bring on the longer days and sunshine.

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